Senior Frontend Engineer

At SIROC we are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our worldwide team. As a Frontend Engineer, you will play a necessary role in our team, focusing on building web applications and working together with our engineers, project managers, designers, and venture investors. Your ability to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest frameworks and community updates will play a key role in the success of our experimental SaaS and B2B products and the digital AI transformation of our customers.

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Send us an email at with the subject "[$ROLE] $NAME" by picking one of the roles below:

Data Engineer | Data Scientist | Frontend | Backend
Engineering Lead | Project Manager | Designer | iOS | Android

For example: "[Frontend] John Doe"

You can write multiple roles (coma separated) if this is your case, and if you don't find your role listed above, just write whatever you think suits you the most.

Make sure to include in the body of the email:

If you have your CV updated, attach it to the email. However, if you don't, just make sure you provide enough information about yourself in the sections listed above.

Our team reviews incoming applications every day. Nevertheless, give us a few days of margin to get back to you. 

👋 About SIROC

SIROC is a team of software engineers, product designers, and venture capitalists who have spent the last 15 years exploring technology and product development together. Experimenting with the latest cutting-edge technologies, we have been pioneers in everything we do: becoming one of the first agencies to build mobile apps in the early iPhone and Android days in 2009, developing highly scalable cross-platform infrastructures in 2015, leading the community's adoption of Kotlin Multiplatform since 2019, and now incorporating the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning into our products and services.

Our current focus is on building and experimenting with our own SaaS and B2B product development, while helping other companies with their digital AI transformation, optimizing their systems, and implementing custom models and data pipelines.

Last but not least, we always remember that all the experimentation and technology leadership that characterizes us is as important as maintaining a good quality of life, which means always putting family and personal needs first. The SIROC team works completely decentralized, with our headquarters in the beautiful city of Paphos in Cyprus, but with a team working remotely worldwide (Canada, Cyprus, South Korea, and more). Our asynchronous methodology allows everyone to work efficiently and effectively while having their own schedule. In addition, we fly everyone together once a year for an annual reunion, and throughout the year we sponsor reunions between our team members and their families, creating a unique environment that allows you to experience life to its fullest.